Backup files to Sia using Synology NAS & Goobox

Jun 19 · 5 min read

Yes!! The ability to backup your Synology NAS to Sia is here. This was one of our most requested features to date.

We’ve been working hard implementing virtual-hosted–style requests and certificate management over the last week in order to support backup apps like Hyper Backup on the Synology NAS.

1. Introduction

In this guide we will configure Hyper Backup (Beta)on Synology with Goobox SiaS3 (AWS S3 compatible REST API) to backup our files to the Sia decentralized cloud. To get started we need a Goobox account if we don’t already have one. To do this please read our last medium post here or sign-up directly here. Goobox offers a free 14 day trial with 5 GB of storage.

“Ensuring data safety on your Synology NAS requires a reliable backup plan. With Hyper Backup, retrieving data from multiple recovery points with minimized storage consumption is never a big challenge.” - Hyper backup

Hyper backup uses technologies like Data deduplication, Data encryption (AES-256)and compression to optimize storage, outbound traffic efficiency and security. This ensures that our data is always secure will never use more resources than necessary.

2. Hyper backup configuration

First if we don’t already have Hyper backup Beta we should go into our Package center on Synology and download it. Note that the standard version of Hyper Backup will not work. If the standard version of Hyper Backup is already installed we should install Hyper Backup Beta and restart our Synology NAS. After installation we should be prompted with the following screen;

Hyper Backup landing page

We then scroll down and select ‘S3 Storage’. Next we have to enter our Goobox SiaS3 credentials as described in proceeding figure. ‘Access Key’ and ‘Secret Key’ can be generated under the ‘Credentials’ menu of our Goobox account. Subsequently under ‘Bucket name’ we can either create a new bucket within Hyper Backup or use a pre-existing bucket. The bucket name should be a simple as possible and cannot contain any dots. In ‘Directory’ we enter the name of the directory we would like to backup our NAS data too. Note that this has to be a new folder name and can’t already exist in the bucket.

Adding our Goobox SiaS3 details to Hyper Backup

In the next screen we can select which data we want to backup.

Select which data we want to backup

Followed by any application data that we might want to backup offsite.

Application data that we want to backup

3. Backup Settings

Backup settings

Proceeding to the rotation screen we can select our backup policy. We suggest to select ‘Smart Recycle’ to save on our cloud storage usage.

Backup schedule

Finally we hit on ‘Apply’ and we are all done, we are now backing-up our Synology NAS data to the Sia cloud!!

4. Troubleshooting

  1. Remove user backup profiles and attached buckets on SiaS3.
  2. Install Hyper Backup Beta again.
  3. Restart Synology.
  4. Setup backup configuration again with multipart size at 512 MB.

That should solve the problem. If issues still persist please respond to this blog post, join our discord community here or contact us directly via

5. Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed this little blog post, till next time!

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Thanks to Opus Fluke.


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