An Engineering Society to Combat Aging

A conversation with Jay Sarkar

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Tyler talks with Jay Sarkar about he and his colleagues’ efforts to begin creating a professional engineering society to combat aging, the motivations behind their work, and their initial focus on facilitating a working-consensus set of standards for evaluating aging and the efficacy of emerging antiaging technologies.

Jay Sarkar earned his bachelor’s at Rice University in Physics and Electrical Engineering and is completing his PhD at Stanford University in the Biophysics program. Previously, he worked on dynamical systems and networks in neuroscience before transitioning to researching the role of epigenetics and epigenetic strategies toward reversing aging phenotypes.

His research has been funded by the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR). He is the co-author of “Rejuvenation on the Road to Pluripotency” for IntechOpen publishers, and has spoken at Undoing Aging, among other events. Recently, he co-founded Revercell Biotechnologies, in addition to his role in forming the Society of Geroengineering and Technology (SGET).


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