100 word story…uh, recipe…day 7. Taco Pie. Taco Pie. Taco Pie. I could write a song about you taco pie.

I’ve been cooking and eating several times every week with East Nashville friends and neighbors for about 23 years. Yes, really. I could probably write the next ninety-three 100 word stories about our supper club. Maybe I will, but for today, I decided to share an all time favorite supper club recipe. Taco Pie.

Mix: can of refried beans with jar of salsa. Throw in black beans if you want. Saute chopped onion, jalapeno, with 1 lb. or so ground beef (or veggie crumbles) with taco seasoning. Crush some tortilla chips. Have grated cheddar/any spicy cheese ready. Oil decent size casserole dish, layer half the salsa/beans, half the meat/fake meat, cheese, crushed chips, other half salsa/beans, other half meat/fake meat. Bake 350 for 30 min or so. Cover with more cheese and chips. Cook 5 more min. Sour cream, avocado/guac must be available. It’s really good. I promise.