100 words. Do it quickly. Do it now.

While I’ve seen this concept before, reading it this morning here in medium…https://medium.com/100-words-about by David Kadavy…I thought both “yikes!” and “what fun!” So, here it is: day 1.

I sit in my oversized captain’s chair, like every morning, with coffee and journal, to write. Journal writing every day is easy. It’s how I keep up with my life. Remember details; think about things, evaluate the day’s accomplishments. This last thing is more important to me than it should be. (I write about that too.)

It’s the other kind of writing that tries me. Writing for someone else to read. I love writing, but after years of practice, I’m still learning about its discipline. I always want it to be spontaneous and from the heart, so feel intimidated by the days that it isn’t. So the challenge: 100ish words a day for a 100ish days. Go.