Hopes and Plans 2016: First quarter update

If you’re one of the people who read my earlier blog about my plans for this year, you’ll know that I set myself four targets to achieve. As we’ve had just over a quarter of the year, I thought I’d share my progress, along with any revisions to my original ideas. This helps me to refocus when needed, to recognise and celebrate achievement, as well as to give myself a kick up the backside whenever I’m slacking.

To recap, these were my aims:

  1. To move into a new job;
  2. To learn to drive;
  3. To do a tandem skydive, and;
  4. To go on a date.

Well, I’m pleased to say there has definitely been progress. Last month, I started a new job. Despite my saying that the previous role wasn’t really fulfilling, I’ve actually stayed within that sector doing the same role. The difference with this one is twofold: I have a much wider range of tasks to work on, and I’m earning considerably more than I was previously. In fact, I must be honest and say the new workplace is much, much better than the old, and despite nearly three hours of travelling a day, I’m much happier and feeling physically and mentally in a better place.

I have also this very day booked my driving lessons. They start this coming Thursday. I must confess to being somewhat nervous, but I’m also excited. It’s a big step forward for me, and a further piece of independence that my life was maybe lacking. So many doors will open. I have a car lined up too, so I’ve begun saving towards it. By Christmas, I should be fully mobile.

As for the other two aims, there has been no movement. The skydive may end up being delayed by a year depending upon other factors, but it is still something I’m very keen to do. As for the date, well…every time I find someone I may just be interested in, they either get with someone else or show absolutely no interest at all. Though six people on Twitter did anonymously indicate they’d be interested…

Outside of these aims, 2016 started in a very tumultuous way. Problems with my heating lasted from the start of January through to the end of February, and my complaint about it still has not been resolved, then there was an issue where an automated system decided to suggest I was hiding somewhere in the region of £100k, which led to issues at my old job and almost prevented me from interviewing for the current one. Suffice to say both situations taught me a new level of assertiveness, and I like to think I dealt with both very well.

It hasn’t all been bad either. During the aforementioned undeclared capital saga, I had to ring up about my previous PPI refund for paperwork. It turns out this prompted them to think I was complaining, and after a review of their calculations, they decided they owed me more money! The timing was perfect, as if just left the old job and was set to struggle for a few weeks.

So there you have it, my first quarter summary. In the next quarter I will be learning to drive for sure, and who knows, that date may happen. If I do decide the skydive won’t happen this year, I’ll replace it with a new target. I have a lot planned, including Grand Designs Live, MCM London ComicCon, and hopefully a couple of nights in Brighton. I’ve also booked a ticket for Brighton Pride, thought hat will fall in the third quarter. So all things considered, I have very little to complain about!