Is Riot Games planning to delete Teleport from League of Legends?

2 min readOct 6, 2022


The 2023 preseason is rapidly approaching League of Legends, and the developers are already dishing out information to players every week with changes set for drakes, items, jungle camps, and more.

Teleport could also be set to receive major changes. The devs have yet to officially reveal details about their plans for the spell, but items allowing players to teleport have been discovered in the game’s files, hinting at sweeping changes.

Here’s everything we know about Teleport in League’s 2023 preseason.

Is Riot Games planning to delete Teleport from League of Legends?
The devs have yet to reveal what will become of Teleport in the 2023 preseason.

But players have discovered two new items in the game’s files that feature Teleportation as a passive, including Boots of Teleportation and Sword in the Stone.

These new boots would allow players to teleport with a shorter cooldown (240 compared to 360 as a Summoner’s Spell) but would prevent them from getting another boots bonus.

The other item, which could be used by top lane bruisers (granting both defense and attack), would offer a similar passive. Players would be able to teleport to an ally and grant them and nearby allies a shield.

With not one, but at least two items granting Teleport, it’s safe to assume that it wouldn’t be available anymore as a Summoner’s Spell in the game.

Items have never before granted Teleportation in the main game mode, but there have been Teleport upgrades and boosts (such as some enchantments from seasons three to five) 메이저안전놀이터

When those boosts were introduced to the game, they ended up dominating the top lane meta. It was 안전놀이터추천 the case for the Homeguard Boot Enchantment, which offered a significant movement speed boost from the fountain. It was 메이저사이트추천 used in almost every game by top laners as a combo with Teleportation.

This feature is so powerful that it’s hard to imagine the devs giving several ways to use it without severely impacting game 메이저사이트 balance.

Players will likely discover more information about Teleport with the first preseason patch being introduced to the PBE servers.