The Road to Zero Waste: Episode 1 — Our First Steps

Good Club
Good Club
Sep 4 · 3 min read

Those of you that have been following Good Club since it launched earlier this year will no doubt have heard about our lofty ambitions to become the UK’s first zero-waste, fully sustainable supermarket. From the products we sell to the footprint of the service, we aim to be the market leaders when it comes to sustainable groceries.

Having successfully overfunded our crowdfund campaign in May on the back of our idea to create a closed-loop, reusable food packaging system and e-commerce platform, we‘re now (after a few weeks of admin, paperwork, interviews, and hiring) starting to tackle this juicy problem.

Plastic pollution is the number one issue for the food industry — even the biggest manufacturers and retailers are struggling to make any meaningful inroads. So, while it’s not something we’re going to solve overnight, we do have a very clear idea of how we get there and none of the constraints of doing it the wrong way for decades.

This series of blogs entitled ‘The Road to Zero Waste’ will cover the process we take as we prototype, test and develop our fledgling service. We aim to create a culture at Good Club of complete transparency — we think that sharing our experiences (both successes and failures) openly and honestly helps us focus our efforts on solving the most important challenges, gives our community a peek into what’s going on behind the scenes, and allows us to share insights with our peers to hopefully advance the pace of solving the problem.

Our First Step

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that Good Club currently sits on a fairly ‘off the peg’ Shopify front end. Being a technology-first company, that was only ever intended to be a stop-gap until we had the resource to construct our own bespoke system.

Now, after fruitful conversations, pages and pages of designs, dozens of customer calls and interviews, and thousands of lines of code, we’re on the eve of launching what we affectionately call: Good Club V1.

Good Club v1

V1 doesn’t include any of the closed-loop features that we have on the roadmap but lays the foundations for what is to come. It represents a huge step forward for us, vastly improving the shopping experience and tackling big issues around stock control that have plagued us (and our very patient customers!) for months.

We can’t wait to get it out there to continue testing and improving the service, while also being ready to dive into those juicy problems around delivering zero waste groceries.

Remember to follow us here, on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the developments over the coming months.

Onwards and upwards!

Good Club

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Good Club

On a mission to make sustainable food and household products more accessible and affordable.

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