Why I’m happy being denied Twitch Partnership.

Ok… so if you made it past the title, I have your attention.

I just, JUST, got an email from Twitch stating that I’ve been denied Partnership. This is my first attempt.

I’m happy about this…



Twitch Partnership from the outside seems like the ultimate goal of all streamers. It is… and isn’t. Partnership gives cool emotes, access to bits, subscribers, teespring gear with logos,advertising and Front Page exposure, but what does it really do?

Will it make you successful?


Will it guarantee you a career in streaming?


Will it build a great supportive community for you?


Twitch Partnership is only the beginning of a new chapter of a stream. You get new tools for growth, yes, but if you haven’t learned to grow your community it won’t help. Learning how to connect to, engage with, and incentivize your viewers is something that you have to learn step by step because it’s going to be unique to your community.

When you apply you will be most likely be denied like me, just remember:

Denial just means, “Work Harder”, “Grow More”, “Show Me You Want It”

They don’t want someone who shuts down after a tough email and says “Well looks like I can’t do this”

They want you to want this MORE, to FIGHT for it, to PROVE to yourself and them that YOU CAN DO THIS and that YOU WILL DO THIS!

I was denied and I’m happy.

I’m happy.

I’m happy because my wife and daughter support and believe in me.

Happy that I have a great community of friends that want me to succeed.

Happy that I can stream and have fun.

Resistance just means I’m going the right way, denial just solidifies my resolve.

I was denied, I’m happy… because I’m doing this either way.

Challenge Accepted.


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