Superstar wanted

I just got an email from a recruiter asking if I knew any “superstar intermediate or senior developers or test analysts”.

While many of my peers are superstars in my eyes, I know few that would use this word to describe themselves. As such, I encouraged her to remove this word from her job descriptions — along with rockstar, ninja, and any other such requirement for stardom that might cause otherwise perfectly suitable candidates to not apply.

In my experience, as I told her, the self described “superstars” are often nothing of the sort.

I encourage all of you to call out people using similar words in job descriptions, and anywhere else where it’s being used in the same way. I believe it contributes to an impossibly high standard that people in tech feel they must reach, which in turn can cause unnecessary stress and feelings of inadequacy. It certainly does nothing for those of us who struggle with imposter syndrome.

Besides — I don’t know about you, but with the number of job ads I’ve seen in recent years for these superstars — they must be in very high demand. How about trying for one of the other 99% of us?

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