the words flowed like endless living water from my mind to my fingertips, it was the only way to deplete my mind of all the madness that was trapped inside of it

what a blessing and a curse to think so deeply about so many things

i feel my sanity return as i pour my thoughts onto paper

you probably feel yours shaking the more you read

that’s intelligence, the most detrimental blessing

the more you know, the more you think

the more you think, the more you realize how mad this world is

and then you aspire to know the the cause of such madness

the more your head fills with the madness, the more you need somewhere to release it

and here is my release

i am so sorry to tell you darling, but i don’t think you would still be reading this if you hadn’t been blessed with the madness

embrace it

this world is an unfulfilling place for the sane.

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