Good Good Piggy enables smart financial planning for children

The mindset of children is quite complex to understand. They seek attention, are polite and can even throw tantrums sometimes. Generally, this varies based on factors like age, coping skills, expectations from society, and financial background. However, Good Good Piggy is giving kids more freedom through a user-friendly online banking application.

Analyzing behaviourial rewards and efficient financial management

Pre-teenagers in the age of 4 to 14 are curious about saving money, investing, and contributing money for social causes. Should everything be done offline? No. A digital piggy bank will ensure efficient financial planning for children.

Unquestionably, neuroscience and psychology play a role when kids manage their funds. Good Good Piggy makes things simple through gamification, personalized recommendations, and habit building via the completion of tasks.

Exploring the power of technology in financial planning

  • Sharing of digital gifts by relatives. Kids get motivated and are pushed to save more. Transactions can be processed via a QR code scanner.
  • Awareness about the intricacies of investments, savings, expenditure, income, and charity. This ensures efficient allocation of money for short-term and long-term purposes.
  • Cognitive development through problem-solving assignments and knowledge building. Kids get lucrative rewards for finishing missions and tasks regularly. Eventually, they become independent and become better in money management sans assistance.
  • Parents can keep a close eye on their sons and daughters by deciding the daily activities. A customized list of videos will help them decide how kids control their urge to spend and the tendency to save. Moreover, kids collect a lot of coins after watching insightful content.
  • Digital commerce option where children can shop for branded merchandise. They get access to an e-wallet and can self-checkout after processing an order.
  • Dedicated help centre where parents get in-depth support from the leading psychologists. This helps them select the right activities for their kids.
  • Different login options for children and parents. Mothers and fathers across the globe can fix pre-spending limits and finalize rewards.
  • Digital detox with a screen-time restriction on the kid’s piggy bank application. This assures time for both personal and professional work.

Wrapping Up

The edtech and fintech industry is booming right now. Kids can also be an important part of it. Puzzled about it? Install our ultra-modern piggy application now and secure your future.



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