How parents influence financial planning for their children?

Money management is a key skill needed for everyone. Moreover, it is ideal if this habit gets initiated early on. Likewise, parents need to inculcate this habit in their sons and daughters. Do they have the time for it? Not always. However, the intersection of finance and technology will solve this problem too. Which is that platform that does that? It is Good Good Piggy. Targeting the pre-teenage age of 4 to 14, mothers, as well as fathers, can keep real-time control over their children’s pocket money.

Families and Finances: Connecting the dots

As times keep changing, the structure of relationships keeps evolving. There are numerous kinds of families now, Nuclear, Extended, Joint, and Blended. Likewise, people have a clear choice in their hands.

Several scientific studies have revealed that behavioural science and financial well-being are interconnected. While economic conditions are dynamic, parents need to discuss actively about the transfer of wealth. A combination of short-term action will determine the decisions taken in the long run.

In the same vein, Good Good Piggy enables that by promoting values like diligence, distribution of rewards for completed tasks, an automatic limit on screen time, and pre-approved spendings.

Besides that, kids earn pocket money, can accumulate digital coins, and also purchase eye-catching products. Moreover, parents can keep a close watch over the activities of their wards. In the long run, they will learn to build savings, increase their wealth through smart investments, and also contribute donations for social causes.

The numerous benefits offered by Good Good Piggy are

  • Financial literacy with awareness about basic concepts.
  • Consistency in saving money. Thus, kids can enhance their financial position by completing achievements and missions regularly.
  • Long-term financial security to lead a stable and trouble-free life.
  • Friendly user interface with drag and drop elements. Personalized dashboards are available for parents and kids. This ensures 24x7 financial control, prevents misuse of funds, and promotes accountability.
  • Instant sharing of recommendations to kids based on gamification and videos. This keeps them motivated and promotes optimistic thinking.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to make a transition from handling physical cash to digital money? Give our talented team a call and install our virtual piggy bank app now.



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