True self management is about powerful partnerships

With today being World Mental Health Day and last week Self Management Week it seemed appropriate to reflect on the Self Management Week theme of “Powerful Partnerships”. People are talking about lots of different kinds of partnerships which support Self Management of long term health conditions.

To me, partnerships are key to my ability to manage life with depression and in the aftermath of a suicide attempt. These may be partnerships you might not instantly think of, but partnerships with my friends and family are the most important to me. Without working in partnership with them I wouldn’t be here now. The dynamic of this partnership has changed over the last year and in the immediate aftermath of my attempt it was more about me relying on their support but as time has gone on, it is becoming more of a partnership approach. A big part of this relies on my ability to be completely open and honest about how I am feeling from day to day and how I am going to approach this. My friends and family check in on me to make sure I’m doing ok and ask if ther is anything I need from them.

I think I have a great partnership with my colleagues and workplace. I am open and honest about how I am feeling and therefore if I don’t feel capable or not of taking on particular pieces of work. I also have wonderful colleagues who are also friends who check in with me, remind me not to take on too much and to put myself first. These friend colleagues also laugh and cry with me and are empathetic and happy to listen if I need to talk, which is invaluable support to have in a place where I spend many of my waking hours!

So I just want to say thank you to everyone I am working in partnership with to help me get and keep well!

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