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Great article. Inspiration is one of the most important aspects of being an educator. Too often, educators would be rather coaching high school athletics, doing their own research, or the bare minimum to get paid at the end of the week.

Tech has the awesome potential of leveling the playing field; The special roles that educators enjoyed for the longest time is unraveling as Google and other websites bring information to the masses. If everyone is a professor or an educator, then who really is anymore? In that case, society needs individuals that are educators and know how to use information and teach students the difference between shit and fact.

Those people like you that continuously instill a capacity for critical reflection, something that is neglected in my high svhoool vlssess— maybe even looked down upon, in contemporary schooling. Asking them substantive questions rather than those found on a multiple choice test about such a complex issues like social media and the creation of content on the Internet. These are basic skills required to function in our society, and most people come through a public schooling system meant to produce compliant minds for work on a factory line. On the other hand, you have the professionals that perform complex, yet oftentimes alienating jobs.

Do away with the hierarchy of learners and teachers. It creates antagonistic relationships and perpetuates inequalities systemic to the American university , and I think education works in similar ways everywhere else.