Rockstar’s very own produced a Music Video for platinum artist Borgeous & tyDi’s new song “Wanna Lose You”

It was early in May when a dear friend, industry colleague, and very talented director, Jason Brown, who I had worked with on several movies in the past, called and said, “are you interested in producing a music video?” My initial response was, “who is the artist?” It wasn’t my first time hearing Borgeous’s music before as I’ve spent countless hours and early mornings amidst the thumping EDM chaos of the Las Vegas nightlife, but I had never heard of tyDi before. Naturally, my senses took me on a frantic internet search to research as much about this artist as I could. After I listened to a few of his songs, I was pretty impressed with his voice and that’s when I called Jason back to tell him I was in! He sent me the song “Wanna Lose You,” and I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since!

Our production plan was established two weeks before the shoot at the end of May. We secured all of the locations, equipment, permits and insurance, as well as our talented crew and actors who were all ready to rock for the three day shooting escapades. We shot the video at El Matador State Beach, Downtown LA, and a sound stage in Echo Park. The results of our collaborative efforts are what you see in the music video below. I hope you enjoy it!

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