Why You Should Watch Season 2 of “You’re the Worst”

(As the second season of FXX’s You’re the Worst launches on Hulu today, I’m republishing a piece I did for Stereofly Magazine. Please go watch this incredible show ahead of it’s Season 3 premiere at the end of this month).

You’re the Worst spent its first season going to great lengths to detail the whys and wherefores of how our main characters got to a place where they could be so selfish, while pushing the two leads together despite their clear reservations about relationships. The second season of the FXX comedy became something incredible as Aya Cash’s Gretchen struggled with depression, while Chris Geere’s Jimmy struggled in his failed attempts to make her better. What follows is an honest, nuanced and captivating look at the disease. With so many other television shows available, You’re the Worst was fearless and risky in its storytelling, delicately threading the needle between comedy and drama. The show was all the stronger for it.

Originally published at thestereofly.com.

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