Clipping — March 11, 2017

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Once again, we return.

Apologizes in advance for the brevity. It’s been an absolutely manic week and I’d rather skip a preamble and get right to it.

What I Read:

Wednesday was International Women’s Day, so I wanted to take the time this week and devote this section to the work of some of my favorite female writers. This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a start . . . and has plenty of room to improve:

At 63, Brinkley is officially the oldest model ever featured in SI’s Swimsuit Edition. That’s a big deal. Huge. But it’s not important because she still perfectly fits into society’s most often perpetuated definition of gorgeous at 63 (which, of course, she does), but because it emphasizes that what we all believe about aging is filled to the brim with stereotypes — and flat-out wrong.
  • Over at Playboy, Lane Moore talks about difficult nature of “A Day Without Women” and how tough it can be for women of color and LGBTQ women to protest effectively:
The real tricky part of this well-intentioned and overall incredible concept relates to who this blanket idea really affects. While reading all the fine print and bullet points for the other ways women can join the movement is exciting as hell — because truly anyone can participate — the severely boiled down message of “DON’T WORK TODAY SO YOU CAN PROTEST AND BE A GOOD FEMINIST AND WOMAN! YAY!” I’ve seen pop up on social media is classist as fuck on so many levels.
Inviting Yiannopoulos on Real Time gave him a new platform to do harm, which should come as no surprise. The self-described “provocateur” has used every platform he’s ever had as an opportunity to do real, tangible harm.
My favorite instance of Tapper’s hoagie mouth happens every weekday when he announces the “national lead” segment of “The Lead.” Or as he says it, “the nayyyyyshunal lead.” As if to say, yeah, I’m an Ivy League-educated journalist, but I’m also the kind of guy who will park my car on that median in the middle of Broad Street.
It is still the only movie Fincher has ever made that feels like a straight up thriller, as opposed to a drama with thriller elements mixed in. It’s also, and this is very important, the only movie Fincher has made that has actually scared me. Fincher didn’t set out to make a horror movie, but the tone of the film is overwhelmingly eerie and falls into the horror subgenre.

Sparked in part by the reveal of the costumes for the new Thor movie, Emma Stefansky takes a look at the dreaded ‘boob window’ trend of costuming amongst female superheroes, looking at some of the more absurd cases:

The boob window has become my nemesis. If it was just a trend that happened a few times decades ago, that would be one thing, but terrible, gravity- and physics-defying superhero outfits pop up even today. Keeping abreast of costume redesigns is practically a full-time job. And this isn’t just a female problem. I am convinced that the majority of comic artists have no idea how fabric works. Or maybe they do, and they just don’t care. Sorry, dudes, your T-shirts aren’t going to cling to your six pack like that no matter how many sizes too small you keep buying them.
. . . if you’re out there struggling with the same sort of self-worth battles, or you’re fighting an injury that seems determined to steal your joy, or if you, like me, are having an incredibly hard time forgiving yourself for your faults, I think it’s sometimes helpful to read someone else raising their hand and saying hey, me too.
In February, as part of the walk-up to his film’s release, Peele programmed a film retrospective titled “The Art of the Social Thriller” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Since many of you probably don’t live in Brooklyn and didn’t catch it, here’s where you can stream the films screened as part of the series.
  • And finally, Lauren Duca has launched a new column over at Teen Vogue called Thigh-High Politics. Each of the three articles she’s written are worth a read, but I particularly enjoyed this one about Trump’s treatment of the media:
Regardless of who you voted for, or even whether you voted at all, it is crucial that every last citizen remain vigilantly informed and, above all else, insist upon safeguarding the freedoms of the press. In this moment, access to information and the truth itself is being called into question. All Americans must remember that the goal of journalism is to empower citizens with facts. Without a free press, there can be no democracy. For an uninformed public, it doesn’t much matter either way.

I can’t believe at one point there were 110,000 people watching a block of ice melt for the world’s silliest teaser trailer reveal. I love Game of Thrones as much as the next pop culture nerd, but, really y’all?!

The new Temples album ‘Volcano’ doubles down on the already very well established psychedelic rock angle seen in their first album, while also adding a nice dash of Tame Impala. It’s a little on the long side, but I’ve been playing it almost nonstop since it dropped last week. It’s loud and it’s your face. Throw it on, turn off the lights, and maybe get a bit weird — you’ll have a ball with it.

That’s our show, ladies and gentlemen. More to come next week. Thanks for reading.

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