The Woman’s Guide: 15 Rules of Becoming a World Class Pushover

1.) Avoid confrontation.

2.) Make yourself small to keep from being seen as a threat.

3.) Pretend to be dumber than you are.

4.) Speak in a small voice.

5.) Smile. Always. Even if it hurts.

6.) Don’t get emotional — ever.

7.) Don’t stand up for yourself, people will think you’re confrontational.

8.) Don’t curse. Cursing is perceived as uneducated and confrontational.

9.) Always let the other person have the last word. You don’t want to seem argumentative.

10.) If you’re being harassed, don’t tell. This will only make the harassment worse.

11.) Always say yes. Accommodate. You don’t want to seem greedy or selfish.

12.) Always say that you’re fine, even if you’re not.

13.) If you have to cry, do it in private and not for very long. Crying is childish.

14.) There’s no such thing as being too nice. You can always be nicer.

15.) Don’t ask for anything, ever. Do it on your own. If you can’t get it done on your own, quit. You never should have tried it in the first place.