Should Cigarettes be illegal?

The smoking of cigarettes can be a very polarizing subject for some people as to whether it should be legally allowed or be a choice for the individual to make (I am of the latter). The questions answer, of course, differs from person to person. The folks who argue against cigarettes will more than likely argue that “smoking kills people and people around them, therefore it must be banned” which, is not simplifying said anti-smokers view by very much. Of course many people might see the moral logic in this argument as many of us don’t enjoy seeing people drop dead (unless you are the moral equivalent to a sociopath)and when people do, we try to find out why and how to stop it. Then in certain cases,like this one, it really comes down to individual freedom and, to be frank, a dependence on tobacco for millions of people; these factors, as well as the corporations that sell these cigarettes, would not allow for a law prohibiting smoking to be passed. Something else that must be taken into consideration is whether or not other(supposedly righteous people)should tell others what they should or should not put in there bodies — which can be applied to other recreational drugs as well. When an individual makes a conscious choice whilst knowing the affects that choice will have on themselves, it is then ultimately their decision. A persons choice/freewill should never be infringed upon by anyone, even if it means they might harm themselves.

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