Global #freethinkerscorner Launch Conference: How to Radically Innovate Our Workplace & Elevate Humans and Business?

Good Organisations
4 min readSep 2, 2022

Uniting the World in Dialogue About Good Organisations: A Full Week of Unique Panel Workshops

Have you ever tried to navigate the rough seas of organizational transformation? Then you know that the wisdom of practice often beats the best theory and good intention!

Hence, we are very inspired by the many insightful conversations we are having with practitioners, consultant, coaches and academics from all over the world about business transformation — and we decided it was about time to offer these dialogues to a wider audience.

At the same time we remain very impressed by Peter Senge’s attempt to create a compendium of transformation practices that “work” (see his famous Fifth Discipline Fieldbook) and we want to support the creation and consolidation of valuable resources for transformation leaders that have stood the test of time.

Therefore, we are very excited to announce a unique series of global conversations with experienced and passionate freethinkers and crafts(wo)men of organizational change:

During the week of 12–16th September we will feature interactive and inspiration-packed conversations with Gertje van Roessel (#Buurtzorg), Emanuele Quintarelli (#Boundaryless), James Priest (#Sociocracy S3), Michele Zanini (#Humanocracy), Rachel Murch (The #Maonach Group), Ted Rau (Sociocracy for All), Joan Lurie (Orgonomix), Sonja Blignaut (More Beyond), Tim Mooney (The Maonach Group), Timm Urschinger (#LiveSciences), John Knights (#Leadershape), Jean-Baptiste (JB) Dernoncourt (#Copap), Heidi Gutekunst (#Amara), Dr. Richard Claydon (#EQLab), Lionel Yang (Business Philosopher), Lara Yumi Tsuji Bezerra (#WorkCoherence), Donna Okell (UK for Good), Michael Smith (Impact Bridge), Daniela Landheer (Google/Human Space), Laura Mueller (Goetterfunken), Justin Hughes (Mission Excellence) — and more fantastic speakers will be announced daily!

If you have been looking for an opportunity to engage, talk and compare notes with seasoned professionals, colleagues and friends from all around the globe — about what it really (really, really) means to successfully enable organizational transformation and spark the human spirit for a better society and planet…

REGISTER NOW to join any of our truly exceptional dialogues:

Not sure whether you should join? In a nutshell, this is what you will get –

  • The very best STORIES from the “coal face” of transformation!
  • 20+ Leading-edge FREETHINKERS who are passionate about building “good organisations”
  • Tried & tested PRACTICAL TOOLS for corporate transformers in every session
  • Flexible 90-minute sessions including 30 minutes COMMUNITY SPACE in every session

Don’t Miss Out! Join the discussion live on Zoom and LinkedIn!

The conference is hosted by Antoinette Weibel and Otti Vogt — as part of our Good Organisations inquiry — and organized in partnership with University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Below are some first visuals of the exciting panel sessions:

See you there!