Stop treating me like a piece of shit.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Totally agree with pretty much everything you said Jon, remembering multiple teeth gritting times, however… the overall assumption of your article and articulate statements is, from boiler room sales tactics to Online Marketers; “don’t do it because, it pisses people off and it won’t work, it’s the wrong thing to do and won’t make you money”.

I’d like to point out that that is wrong. Boiler room Sales, Online Marketing, Spam even, DOES make money. It does work. This is indisputable.

Now would many of these marketers be able to make ‘more’ money, with investing more time, effort, intelligence, care for their potential clients, in many cases, maybe, but people tend to go for the least path of resistance, the highest they can get for the least amount of effort.

It may suck and on the internet cause a constant storm of noise, but it’s certainly a part of human nature. And it ‘works’ to some degree because human nature on the other side leads to some people at least, parting with cash anyway.

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