Who Are The Royal Order of Jesters?
Ryan Bahan

The Royal Order of Jesters is real, and it is beyond just the New York area, I was born into a family of men who participate in this same activity, there are law enforcement and child protective services involved in these schemes of sex rings and pedophilia, I reside in California and have been a victim of sexual harassment and witnessed first hand the power they hold in government in order to keep their secrets kept. These groups are connected to elected officials and government — they need to be investigated and stopped at once, the elected officials have infiltrated the United States government, President Trump is our only hope. The Federal Bureau of Investigation along with the National Security Agency have the means and the power since the Patriot Act was enacted to conduct surveillance operations that would incriminate all of those involved, including many well known and well recognized leaders of our country, the government has access to this information and is fully aware of their crimes, if nothing is done, we can assume that President Trump is in bed with them too.

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