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Nov 3, 2017 · 2 min read

EMU4iOS is a one of the popular third party app store that providing all types of your favourite emulators like 3ds emulator, screen recorders, utilities and a lot more. Also you do not requires jailbroken your device hence you don’t avoid your iPhone/iPad’s warranty. This app store is compatible for iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8 and iOS 7.

Although, The Apple users seek about the several ways to not allow EMU4iOS to work in iDevice’s, but now they figured out all solutions that very easy to work in your phone with any glitches. Also, Now They roll out regular updates in their security so you are assured that this app is safe to use.

Features Of EMU4iOS App store

  1. EMU4iOS is very easy to use on Apple device.
  2. Get your Favorite emulators like 3ds emulator, GBA4iOS.
  3. You don’t require any jailbreak so your phone’s warranty never gets void.
  4. EMU4iOS Day by day roll out their new apps in their app store.
  5. Also it’s more secure app store to the other app store you are always safe because in these kind of apps a lot of malware and viruses are found.
  6. Also it’s free for apple device to download EMU4iOS

These are List of Best EMU4iOS Store Apps:

· AirShou

· Happy Chick

· HipStore



· MovieBox

· iRec




· RetriArch

· PlayBox HD

Download EMU4iOS for iOS

  1. This needs no jailbreak however — Go to System Configuration/Settings -> Date & Time -> Stop automatic time change and change the date to 2015 or just one day previous. If date isn’t changed the system will show “Unable to download” error.
  2. Go to EMU4iOS From Here.
  3. Click the apps you want to install.
  4. Installation dialog will prompt shortly, click “Trust This App” and complete installation.
  5. Now as you’re done, it will be ready to use in the main menu. Enjoy!

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