My travel project “Good Things Everywhere” was the single most enriching life event I can remember, a real game changer… 2 years of non-stop travel bartering my skills as a web developer. All kinds of experiences, people, countries, languages, interesting projects and challenging situations. I say ‘was’, because now it changed into something else, the life I choose after everything I learned, I guess.

My new home in Brazil

I’m now living in sunny and tropical Brazil, in an eco village on the coast. My electric energy comes from the sun, the water I drink straight from the ground (and goes straight back into it…

India. The second most populous country of the world, thousands of years of history and culture, a multitude of languages and uncountable dialects, utter variety of religions and customs, stretching from tropical beaches and dry planes to the high peaks and fertile rich forests of the Himalayan mountains. India is no easy place to write about and worth a lifetime of discovery. Earlier this year I spent almost 2 month visiting different places and decided not to trade any work with my project Good Things Everywhere, to be able to travel freely…

Welcome to Mumbai, the dirtiest bay I’ve ever seen

Flying past the dark monsoon clouds from Bangkok to Mumbai

4am, I flew in from Bangkok after a…

About bartering in Australia and beyond.

I used to work full time as a web developer in Berlin and was able to create some beautiful websites with great narratives collaborating with some amazing people. I worked a lot but felt like there could be a different way of doing my work and living my life. There was a shift of consciousness at some point, when I looked at the world and saw how things were going in my personal bubble and our society’s bubble. …


CTO & Co-Founder @ NuMundo (, formerly bartering with social and ecological projects around the world as

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