A Different Flavour Of Music From Montreal is Coming This Spring

Meet Sunspinnaz, a trio with an interesting take on a new wave of hip-hop. This project years in the making has come up with an outfit bound to swing heavy. What can best be described as “Hip-Rock”, this long awaited supergroup is diversified in every aspect. Its members calling their homes Montreal and Quebec City, their sound draws inspiration from their local scenes but can also be traced as far back as Australia.

Musically, the group finds its unlikely roots in a combination of styles, with each member respectively bringing forth their piece of the puzzle. The tracks laid down by the men behind the instruments have an unmistakable rock-metal tinge, but with hip-hop remaining as its driving force, they render the sound complex yet nonetheless accessible.

With skills honed from years experience involved in different musical projects, it now comes delivered in a potentially electrifying way. With an EP coming in spring and a full-length later in 2015, it will be worth keeping an eye out for what they put out next.