A Invitation to the Change Makers.

To the ones that feel the pull that something is not right.

To the ones that are tired of being defined by our limitations and not by our endless possibilities.

For the ones that have a passion that is mistaken for anger.

For the ones that are tired of hearing, “What can you even do?”

To the ones that know something has to change. That we can no longer coast through life being labeled by our degrees, our careers, our societies expectations, our pocketbooks, our race, our gender.

I invite you to come to terms with that inner voice that screams I was meant for more then the life I am living.

I ask you to start that internal conversation, to start that dialogue that says, “What are YOU doing!?! Why are you creating this reality for yourself that says you are LIMITED?”

Because the reality is you are LIMITLESS.

This is the generation that will create a world where we are not defined by our followers, our materials or our looks.

We will be remembered by the acts which were given through our hearts.

We will not be defined.

We will just be.

We will love.

I will start by loving me.