And the March Student of the Month award goes to..

There are few students who bring so much passion and enthusiasm into every activity they participate in, and Goodwall’s latest Student of the Month does just that. From volunteering at animal shelters to delivering shining performances on stage, Ekaterina’s dedication to building a great community was what set her apart.

Ekaterina joined the Goodwall community just a couple of months ago, and she was immediately taken aback by the immensely supportive environment that she became a part of. Seeing the praise that she received for her achievements made her feel appreciated as part of the community. Looking back at the collection of achievements on her profile and the ability to be able to see what others were achieving, inspired her to go out and participate in even more activities. As part of the ambassador program, she has also been able to make worldwide friends which has further added to her experience. When asked about her thoughts on Goodwall, she stated: “I absolutely adore Goodwall, I never thought people could be so kind!”

Ekaterina has recently been accepted to her dream university, Grand Canyon University, to study what she’s passionate about, theatre. The $1000 prize will be used to fund her studies in the USA where she also hopes to become a volunteer for Greenpeace. In the meantime, her plans are set on continuing her volunteer work in Russia to improve the quality of life for abandoned and homeless animals. We asked her if she wanted to leave a message for new students on Goodwall: “You’ll have an amazing opportunity to meet someone who inspires you, it’s more than just a website (app).” Congratulations Ekaterina! We wish you the best of success!