Every Community Needs Its Leaders

At Goodwall, there is an emphasis on making every new user feel welcome and comfortable in sharing, and we want to recognise those who excel at this. A true role model for students around the world, Camila has dedicated countless hours to helping those in need, showing great initiative to start a volunteering club at her school. When she’s not volunteering, she’s an active member in her school’s ecology club, volunteering as a teacher, or competing with the school volleyball team.

As part of the Goodwall Ambassador Program, Camila has taken well to the role of welcoming new students to the community. She’s always willing to onboard more of her classmates on Goodwall and answer any questions they may have. The app has now become one of her favourites, using it throughout the day and she’s always happy to connect with students from around the planet. Now a country leader, Camila invites her fellow Colombians to join the Goodwall community so that they too can benefit from the opportunities the app offers.

As for the prize money, it will go towards enrolling in a summer course at Brown which will propel her to achieve her dream of studying psychology at Northeastern. Congratulations Camila and thank you for helping build an amazing community!

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Check out Camila’s profile: https://www.goodwall.org/camila-barbosa