Choose Wedding Dress

Both photography and wedding ceremony, we all hope that their marriage gauze is fit to do the most beautiful, more hope oneself is the most beautiful bride. So how do we choose suitable for their wedding dress,

1. The choice of the wedding dresses style

In the happiest moment of your life, who don’t want to show their most beautiful side and eternal. But how to choose a suitable wedding dress, seems to be a headache problem to people, want to choose well, certainly must let the wedding dress with figure. Choose a life of a wedding dress, to show their own characteristics and personality, and can be cleverly conceal shortcomings and deficiencies.

2. The lace wedding dresses color options

Wedding dress is not white, for the bride to even tire with all over is a snow-white, queen began in the Victorian era, when the white represents joy, and then strengthen the holy and the meaning of loyalty, the married woman, can not wear white wedding dress and formed gauze of pure white marriage more preeminent lofty status. Before this, Greece is in “white” bridal gown, the most commonly used color, but is not strictly to the snow; In ancient Rome, the bride will be wearing a yellow face of yarn: traditional Chinese are auspicious red dress, In the early 20th century, silver wedding dress is akira shows the royal exalted status, visible wedding dress is all the “color”, have special provisions to wear pure white white wedding dress. With the changed world trend, dress in addition to traditional color such as white, ivory, cream-colored, more and more popular in recent years of a complete set of pink wedding dress, such as pink, pink orange, pink blue, pink, purple, pink is green and light silver, very downy and pleasing to the eye; If you were willing to try, blackish green, bordeaux, deep purple, compose on the pink dress, form a strong color of dress, effects are very special; As one of the most popular, of course, is ivory or white wedding dress, with a pink silk flowers, butterflies, to add color. Actually, what color the dress is not too important, the most conditions precedent is to the bride’s skin color to match. Oriental skin deep and yellow, wear white wedding dress, can appear dark dumb, wear ivory will be more harmonious and natural, powder blue, purple and yellow skin can’t coordinate, instead of powder can orange, pink, green and yellow color match. As for the skin white inside deeply red, or bronze skin skin, wear white will be very good, especially the latter, will tuxedo now with a different luster.

3. The mermaid wedding dresses to choose the other factors

One thing should be paid attention to, if in a church wedding, do not wear too low-cut dress, this is a sign of disrespect for the clergy, especially some of the ceremony, the couple to kneel down, boobs naked arm bride knelt before the ikon, too not respect the church, ironic. Please note that the wedding dress of the tail is to use a long trailing or short tail, often subject to external environmental factors. If there is a trailing salute in the church, look better, but the flower must older or not enough power to pick up the bride trailing, even stumbled; Float is another problem, because tens of feet of trailing, ordinary saloon car was not put, even squeezed into a ball and get off after long trailing wrinkled and tasteful; In addition to general street is not too clean, so the bride to wear three to five feet trailing, is enough.

There is a problem plaguing brides, is to rent wedding dress or buy their own wedding good? It depends on the bride herself, also may according to their own conditions to decide.