I’m in the midst of doing a Virtual Summit. This is where I’m interviewing 21 people, and then will send out a batch of 3 sessions daily for a week. It’s my first time doing this and the action item list is incredibly long.

So, the other day, I was thinking, “Darn, I wish I had $150 to hire someone to help me” …with setting up an affiliate program, an important aspect of the set up. And quickly headed into the satisfying goo of poor-me-hood.

But then I remembered, wait a minute.

I’ve been learning how we unconsciously limit our…

I was bopping along happily this morning when my phone rang. The message said boldly “NO CALLER ID”. Thinking it might be someone that I’m coordinating with for service positions in the 12-step program, I answered the phone.

Hmmm… the person was in a panic about finances and the first few sentences out of my mouth gave such offense that I was asked to stop talking. That was weird.

I stopped and did a quick prayer after the first abrupt call, asking for the ability to show compassion and understanding as I would to a sick friend.

A couple hours…

Right now, I’ve got quickly scribbled cards sprinkled around my computer and deskspace…

I am open and receptive to my highest good and prosperity.

(…I added “and prosperity to help it hit home)

My income is constantly increasing.

I am abundantly provided for.

(…this is a great message even though it ends with a preposition)

And I began saying to myself a prayer from our meeting,

Higher power, I have a need which I envision being filled debt-free.

Higher power, I would like to pay my rent in full by March 5 and do so, debt-free.

So, after fortunately failing…

I heard in a reading a few weeks ago about typical characteristics of debtors. Many just didn’t apply to me.

I would say, until yesterday.

Even though I’ve been in the program and not debting personally, I still have a business. So, when it comes to investing in marketing for a program that I created, it seemed right to me to use credit when I didn’t have anymore cash to promote the program. I still think that’s a wise business move.

But, here’s what happened.

In my last marketing push, I calculated how much was left on my credit line…

We got dumped on. 6" of new snow overnight this past weekend. On Saturday, when I went to go to Zumba, I couldn’t get my car out. I have a shovel in car (it’s Colorado!), and I dug a path behind me a bit so I could back up, and forward to gradually veer into the lane beside the parking spot. I let the sun works its magic, and I came out later and did a little bit of driving. But knowing that I could get stuck at anytime, I decided to hold off for a day.

The next day…

You already know that “Whatever.” can be used as a statement when someone wants to dismiss a suggestion, end a discussion or give up on reaching an understanding.

But I’ve found the hidden power of whatever.

Over the past three years, I’ve busted my butt trying to make money with online courses and coaching.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on courses learning how to do it all. And thousands more hiring people to help build funnels, update my website, run Facebook ads, edit documents and create graphics.

And thousands more on the software tools that run it all.

And I’ve…

Deprivation is a harsh word. And it comes up a lot with us recovering debtors.

And, like most of this stuff, it’s something learned from family and culture.

When I was getting my weight and my eating on track, I realized that I would often splurge on cheap food that had little nutritional value. Over time, I became steadfast in figuring out how to buy quality food on a budget.

One or two pieces of pizza or a pint of soup from Whole Foods rather than an extra large delivery pizza.

Organic produce that was super ripe and sold at…

When I first came to my senses back in December, and realized I’d made an absolute mess of my finances for a good decade, I started doing triage.

One thing I cut was my $10/month subscription to my local public radio station.

But on our morning 12-step call, I hear people say that you can make a charitable contribution when you’re feeling broke. Because even “a penny and a prayer” can make a difference, in how you feeling and breaking the logjam of that feeling of lack.

I’ve also been listening to the book, The Abundance Code by Derek Rydall…

I’m listening to The Abundance Project on Audible. I chose it because it’s a whopping eight hours long and I know I’ll benefit from someone else’s thoughts reprogramming mine!

Unlike most books that just point out what you’re doing wrong and throw out a few affirmations, this is an in-depth course teaching you strategies you can put to work immediately.

He also uses lots of analogies that hit home.

At the moment, I’m in debt over $11K on credit cards. But, over the last year or two, I’ve been creating a really cool program to train people how to get…

Before I acknowledged that I was a compulsive debtor, I wasn’t tuning in to how my tendency to be grandiose fuels the beast.

I’ve always loved being that one that would plan parties, send gifts or pick up the tab.

It’s an exercise in humility to show up and be loving, without being able to make those outward gestures.

It’s a tricky balance.

Last week for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to show the love to a few close ones. I wanted to bunches of cute little things… chocolates, music, bath bombs, and on and on.

Part of the ‘poverty mentality’…

Good with Money

I used to do a great job managing my finances, but then I lost it. Join me on my 2019 journey on my quest to once again be “good with money”.

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