How the Web Became Unreadable
Kevin Marks

Hi, Kevin — Thank you for publishing this! I’ve been on the kick for better treatment of text for literally the entire century so far. (Back then the issue was a ton of sites using tiny bright white text on black BGs, or, worse, colored text on colored backgrounds. Remember blue on red? Red on yellow? They’re still out there.)

There’s a very good reason 90 percent or more of the books, newspapers and magazines have used black/dark text on white/light backgrounds for a few centuries. Seriously, with all the improvements in tech we have today, most books and mags still use dark type on a light background. Except those laid out by art directors who have zero clue or respect for the importance of text. As a former ad agency AD/CW for 15 years, I’ve known plenty of my brethren who think of text as nothing more than another “design element” to be used like art on the page, rather than content that needs to actually be READ. *sigh*

This attitude/lack of respect and/or education has oozed into the web design field since day one.

My favorite spot of advice for all things web design was, and still is, Vincent Flanders’ Web Pages That Suck.

Great job, sir. Now let’s see if anyone actually listens.

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