A) Effective cost-per-thousand impressions (eCPM)
 B) Cost-per-click (CPC)
 C) Cost per acquisition (CPA)
D) Viewable cost-per-thousand impressions (vCPM)

Which bidding option is best suited for an advertiser focused on branding goals?

Go to Google homepage and type the words “I want to commit suicide”. Above all the search results, Google provides the Suicide Helpline number of your country.

A young girl wrote to Google to give her father a full day off as it was his birthday. This is what Google sent back in reply. Now, that is something.

Go to Google Maps. Click on the satellite view and zoom out as much as possible. You can see an amazing view of earth with real time shadows. You can see real time clouds if you zoom in twice. Pretty amazing, right?

Google has a pet T-rex, named Stan, which lives at their California headquarters. Founders bought it to remind the employees to not let Google go extinct.

Search “atari breakout” in Google Images and you will play the game. Try it now.

Google has been acquiring, more than one company per week since and on average2010.

Go to Google Mars. You can see a map of Mars. Cool !

Type any true number in the search bar and Google will spell it out for you.

Google’s home page has 28 validation errors and five warnings.

Should a U.S. Google employee pass away while under the employ of the 14-year old search giant, their surviving spouse or domestic partner will receive a check for 50% of their salary each year for the next decade.

Google HQ rents goats from California Grazing to mow their lawns and fields. The employees think that it’s a lot cuter to watch goats do the mowing than lawn mowers.

Google is a wedding planner. Yes, you heard it right. Plan your special day with Google Wedding.

Google Sky Maps allows you to view galaxies, planets, constellations and stars and constellations.}

Google is internet’s most visited website according to Alexa.

Over 1 billion search requests per day are handled by Google. It is done by using over 1 million computers.

Google became the world’s largest search engine in June 2000.

Google can analyze around millions of pages a second currently, whereas it is 30–40 pages at initial days.

”Google” is added as a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary in June 2006. 6.Google surpassed one billion unique visitors in May 2011.

US$50 billion is the annual income for Google in the year 2012. On January 2013 google announced it. 8.Google operates 70 offices in more than 40 countries.

In early 1999, Google founders decided to sell it for US$1 million to Excite CEO but they refused it. 10.Initial public offering of Google took place on August 19, 2004.

Keyhoke, Inc. is the company which developed a product called Earth viewer which gave a 3-D view of the Earth. Google acquired it and renamed it as Google Earth on 2005.

99% of Google profit comes from its advertising. 13.Did you know that Google has the ability to analyze and track a persons online behavior and Google inform its advertisers the sites they visited and the advertisements they clicked.

Google acquired more than one company on average since 2010.

Google has acquired around 127 companies in 12 years.

56% of the internet users Google about themselves.

Google is utilized by 57% american kids as their first word.

Recently some core Google services went down for 5 minutes which lead to a drop of 40% of worldwide internet traffic.

be evil” is the unofficial slogan of Google ”Don’t.

95116 years, this is the time it will take that you can do a manual search 50 billion web pages of Google at one minute a page.

88 languages can be used in Google home page.

Google Processes around 20 petabytes of information daily.

Google rents goats, this isn’t a joke!. Google rents them to cut the amount of weed.

Google’s first tweet was in binary format which means “i’m feeling lucky”.

Brin and page considered calling Google as “What Box”. But they dropped the basic idea as it sounds like “wet box”, which sounded like some type or kind of porn.

Google pays Mozilla Millions of dollars a full year as Firefox web browser uses google as the default search provider.

Google site traffic is doubled, when Google introduced its “Did you mean?”.

The prime reason that Google’s home page is bare, due to the fact that the founders of Google want a quick interface and don’t know HTML.

Did that Google is known by you logo was not centered until 2001.

Many employees of Google became instant millionaires when Google went public

Google encourages its employees to use 20% of their time working on their own projects. Google News, Orkut are such examples.

Did you know that the total income for the company is US$59.82 billion for the year 2013.

Presently 47,756 are working for Google and the new employees are called “Nooglers”.

In 2007 Google started planning to release its own mobile phone, as a competitor to Apple’s iPhone. This project is called Android, which is an operating system for mobiles.

On January 5 google released it first android phone,2010, with the true name Nexus One.

Currently Google has released many android devices like Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and planning out to role on new editions.

YouTube, Blogger, DoubleClick, AdMob, Nest Labs, Virus Total are some of the subsidiaries for Google.

Largest network of translators in the expressed word is owned by Google.

Google found out that there was around 6 types of email users by using it internally for almost 2 years prior to launch in public.

Google purchased Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in 2011, whereas it sold it for $2.91 billion in 2014.

Google has spent around $9.8 billion on R&D in 2012.

”Google knows more about you than your mother” these are words quoted by a critic Historical facts about Google

Larry Page and Sergey Brin own 16 percent of its shares together, who founded Google while they were Ph.D. On September 4 students at Stanford University, 1998.

”BlackRub” is the nick name given by the founders to the search engine, It was changed by them to Google, originated by misspelling the word “googol”.

z.stanford.edu and google.stanford.edu are the names with which Google ran at Stanford School of Engineering which is an attempt to analyze and catalog the world wide web.

Craig Silverstein serves as the director of technology at Google currently, who is the first employee of Google Inc.in September 1998 ’s hired.

Google made its first Google Doodle in the year 1999.

The concept of the doodle was born before the company was incorporated even.

There are more than 1000 doodles created by the united team called doodlers in Google.They are talented illustrators who work hard to bring smiles on faces of individuals who visit the homepage.

Google translate could translate more than 80 languages.

Google’s annual income is greater than 50 billion dollars.

One of the early versions of Google could process 30–50 pages per second.
 Google can process millions of pages per second now.

Google was first kept on ten 4 GB hard drives in a Lego casing, showcased by Stanford University now.
 The Lego design would let the founders expand storage capacity easily.
 The index now has over 100 million GB of data.

Google’s original name was Backrub, based on the operational system finding and ranking pages based on back links.

Since the founders weren’t looking to start their own business, they tried to sell their search engine system.
 Yahoo originally said no, but in 2002 offered to buy Google for $3 billion.
 Google said no, and it’s now valued at $400 billion.

The name Google was a misspelling.
 One story says investors misspelled the mathematical term “googol” as “google” on a check, and the spelling stuck.
 Another story says that a fellow student misspelled “googol” when looking for an available name for the company.

Stanford owns the patent to Google’s algorithm still, named PageRank.

The company’s unofficial motto is “Don’t be evil.”

In 1998, the Google homepage included a Yahoo-like punctuation mark: the exclamation point!

The homepage is notoriously sparse because the founders didn’t know HTML to make it fancy, and they wanted a simple user interface.
 At first, you had to press the return key on the keyboard, as they didn’t know how to design a submit button.

The first Google Doodle was an out-of-office message in 1998 when Brin and Page were traveling to Nevada to attend the Burning Man festival.
 The doodle was a man standing behind the second O.
 They wanted users to know they wouldn’t be available to fix tech issues.

The first April Fool’s joke was in 2000 when Google announced it’s mind reading ability for searches called “MentalPlex.”

Until March 2001, the Google homepage was aligned on the right side of the page rather than centered.

Google added Klingon as a language interface option in 2002.

The company’s first tweet was “I’m feeling lucky” in binary code.
 “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.”

In 2006, the Merriam-Webster and Oxford English Dictionaries included the verb “google” in their listings.
 It is a transitive verb, meaning “to use the Google search engine to obtain details about (as a person) on the World Wide Web.”

The Google Street View has about 28 million miles of photographed roads.

Google’s reCAPTCHA feature uses warped words discovered by users for the computers to learn what words are in scanned books.
 Google’s reCAPTCHA helps their computers learn how to read text.
 The computers are able to identify words scanned from books, even if they are warped.

Google rents 200 goats to “mow” the weeds and brush around headquarters.

Dogs with strong bladders and friendly dispositions are welcomed in the offices, but cats are discouraged due to the true number of dogs present.

Known for providing gourmet food and snacks to employees, the first Google snack in 1999 was Swedish Fish, a chewy candy.

Headquarters is filled with odd decorations, such as a T-Rex nicknamed Stan, a space ship, pink flamingos, a Lego figure, adult-sized ball pits, Android phone and statues boxes painted in Google colors.

As employees are called Googlers, new employees are called Nooglers.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford when Brin was tasked to show Page around the school as a new student.

Larry Page’s brother was a co-founder of a eGroups, a dot-com company that Yahoo bought for about $500 million in 2000.

Google acquired YouTube via meetings at Denny’s.

Google has averaged a new company acquisition each week since 2010.

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