Shadina — The Making of a SuperStar

New York, NY — Been around the World, and I,I,I, I — I can’t find another artist whom personifies the word GRIND, more than the sultry songstress, Shadina. From The Park Heights community of Baltimore, Maryland; Shadina takes to the brick and mortar path to stardom by building a fan-base on sheer love and respect. A far cry from the overnight success stories that we have come accustomed to in this microwave age of music streaming. Due to the changing transformations in the Industry, true musicians are left scratching their heads in regards to remain relevant among the major mainstream artist. Shadina; however, foreseen the progression long before it became reality, and decided to make her music, WORK! And work, is exactly what she has done in the past 5 years! From establishing a recording label, LMLD (Like Mother Like Daughter music group) to assembling one of the most spectacular stage shows on earth, Shadina proves to be the real deal.To appreciate Shadina’s unique gift, one must first understand the difference between a singer and a recording artist. A singer conforms their voice to a overall genre or style that falls within their sphere; however, a artist develops a style that personifies a personality. By that definition, it is obvious that Shadina belongs in the elite class of ARTIST, that includes epic stars such as Prince, Madonna, and the late Michael Jackson. To be clear, Shadina bodies a personality that exuberances a energy force that screams Rah, Rah, like a dungeon dragon, but marinates on the soul as a gentle summer breeze!I first met Shadina through a random talent search for a National Tour that was to take place in 2014. The tour never matured; however, a relationship forged from the encounter that would prove powerful in my development process for up and coming artist.That was my informal introduction into Shadina’s World! Since, I’ve watched in sheer awe as she continues to personify both a passion and desire to be the biggest Entertainer, period! What you see, is what you get…. on camera, as well as off script! — In an almost euphoric sense, once you get to know Shadina, you’ve known her for a lifetime. To find the source of her Star charisma, you don’t need to look far. Shadina’s mother “Topaz”, whom also serves as mom-ager and supporter, is the engine behind the immense work ethic. A legend in her own right, Topaz is regarded as the 1st Lady of New Jack Swing and has worked with the likes of Teddy Riley and Gene Griffin, to name a few! Although removed from a career which resulted in charting singles as lead singer of the popular group the Abstrac’s in the late 80’s, it’s her wisdom and experience that lives within Shadina. What a co-sign! Let that Ish Go! Shadina undying passion for greatness commands your respect from the word GO! A rising star with nearly 4 million total impressions on social media, Shadina has become known in many circles around the U.S., as the go to Entertainer! The continued success of her debut album, Born 4 This, along with the momentum of touring has placed Shadina on a International level deemed unreachable by the masses. You know? The level, where insanity and impossible often meets; that my friend, is where Shadina consistently chooses to reside! A classic case of the age old remedy of hard work and determination results in a goal achieved! From writing her own records, to promoting, and marketing her own projects, Shadina personifies all that a independent artist should be!Presentation ✓ Vocal Ability ✓ Marketing Presence ✓ Promotion Savvy ✓ DETERMINATION ✓ FANBASE ✓ NO-SLEEP TO BROOKLYN ✓In lieu of the recent social conflicts in Baltimore, both former Mayor’s Sheila Dixon, and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake respectively, have called on Shadina in the past to headline Back to School Block Parties and community awareness events. Giving back is a cause that is near and dear to Shadina’s heart. From volunteering for numerous non-profits, to lending her time and talents in support of the LGBGT community, Shadina is a powerful advocate for the advancement of positivity. To be a great artist, a special charge of superior morality must coincide with talent! The very principal of the influence must reflect in both humility and character. I humbly charge Shadina ~ Renzo Currently, Shadina is in the studio working on her follow up Album to the epic BORN FOR THIS lp, which is still in rotation on many satellite, P1, and internet radio. From performing sold out venues, to holding down the Madison Square Garden, Shadina is definitely a must see attraction with a second to none work ethic; it’s only fitting ~ the creme would rise to the top! Wazzup Tonight caught up with Shadina at her favorite eatery, “Subway” for a salad and and all access interview

Exclusive Interview dated 12/3WT: For those who may not know, who is Shadina ? Where are you from? Shadina: Shadina is the daughter of the 1st lady of Teddy Riley’s New Jack swing, Topaz. I’m the goddaughter of Otis Williams from the Legendary Temptations. I am from Baltimore, Maryland (The Park Heights Community)WT: What inspires you in regards to your Songwriting? Shadina: That’s easy; Life, Relationships, World affairs etc.WT: Where do you find your Eccentric Energy? Shadina: I honestly have to say God. Sometimes I wonder how i do it. Those shows when I’m just crazy tired, I just pray, pray, pray to God to give me the strength. God never lets me down

WT: Your marketing and promotion is legendary, what advice would you give other independent artist trying to break into the industry? Shadina: Promote PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!! but not be a pain in the butt. It’s a fine line, you just have to be careful WT: What would you consider your defining moment in the Industry? Shadina: Performing at Madison Square Garden and having people scream your name out! Performing on stage and having people scream for a encore or when the host is trying to introduce the next act, and the crowd is screaming for me. Man, its makes all my tears worth the cry.WT: The LGBT community loves, respects, and supports you endlessly, how would you explain the outpouring of love? The Energy for Shadina?Shadina: I 1000% love the LGBT community. I’m a straight artist and will support the LGBT community for life. They know i’m straight and they don’t judge me. Some of my most supporting fans are from the community. They know I love them and not judging them at all. At the end of the day we all are born to die. I’m going to love them for life. My fans keep me going and motivates me to go on stage and give them my all.WT: You (Shadina) are a well sought out performer among Pride events Nationwide, how would you describe the energy of Pride Weekend? Shadina: I honestly wish every straight person would go and experience a pride event. It’s so fun and full of love. Its straight people, kids, parents supporting their kids, grandparents, etc. all there for one cause to spread love. People are very respectful. The food is good. The atmosphere is good. The talent is good. Go there with a open heart and you will leave there feeling and thinking LOVE IS LOVE!WT: What makes you different from the typical independent artist? And explain the role your Momager plays?Shadina: I think the one thing that makes me different is having a momager that was once on my end of the business. My mom being my business partner, she can sniff out certain things that I may be blind too. She work along beside some legends in this biz, so it makes it a little better. She work with Teddy Riley and gene Griffin, Rick James, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, etc. I also been bless not to stress about paying bills, or looking for my next meal. I can solely concentrate on my career. I have a VERY strong home support system, that everything is good taken care off. All I have to do is concentrate on my dream.WT: Please tell us the role you mother (Topaz) plays in your career? Shadina: My mom is really the driving force behind it all. Yes I help out, but at times my life gets a little hectic. It’s just us. It’s times my mom is not just handling the bookings but she is the stylist, makeup artist, videographer , photographer, security, you name it. We also go through music submissions, write or maybe produce together at times. Like I said, we are business partners. Some people think they can bypass her to get to me, but it’s impossible. One day she will pass the torch to another manager so she can relax, but right now we all we got!!

WT: Any confirmed shows for 2017? What’s next for Shadina? Shadina: We are taking bookings now 2017. Right now I have 10 cities confirmed. I will post full list on my FB page. It looks like I will hit London in 2017 as well.WT: Any hint on new project? Shadina: New music will be out in 2017. I’m currently working on music and listening to songs people sent to me now!

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