I’m most cases I agree with you but I don’t think this will be the case in the foreseeable future.
Jonny Brooks-Bartlett

sorry please permit me to clarify as AI and Bigdata does nothing for the average joe company. Its a big boy game. Small and medium sized enterprises will not be able produce disruptive applications, imho. AI in its present form has not is just classification with more complexity thrown in. Self driving cars? Can recall where the autopilot made a fatal classificcation.

Worked with neural nets for like 7 years, would not trust my life with it.

With all the resources put into it, it may be that self driving cars will result in less death on the road. My guess is that if the same amount of resources is put into education people not to drink drive and othe safe practises the result will also be less death on the roads. But such is life, it is not to be so.

Self driving cars is so much more sexy.

2 cents.