Why SuperIntelligent AI Will Kick Ass
Daniel Jeffries

Superintelligence? Just memorisation or pattern recognition.

There is no guarantee of generalisation or extrapolation. So called deep learning with superfluous number of nodes will result in less generalisation.

There is no “intellgience”. Awaiting Hindenburg.

That said, just memorisation or pattern recognition and some rule based algorithm was result in very usable complex software systems.

Unfortunately it is going to be divisive and further polarise the world.

It will shrink most’s brains.

It will change brain behaviour and make many lazy. Case in hand, dynamic programming in road/traffic routing software will completely change how the brain works when driving from point to point. The human driver brain now becomes a robot to the routing software. The brain will change slowing in time and become like a robot.

The world will be divided to those who can live off writing and maintaining and profitting from such code/systems and those who uses them and becomes dependent on them without any understanding. The rich will get richer….

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