Thoughts on dark side of the informational technology

This article addresses issues which are already outdated not because they were solved but rather ignored by society. As individuals from a conservative culture, we would like to hear other people’s thoughts on this occasion. So, please consider this as an encouragement to a discussion.

To begin with, technology has generated a new type of social division, the essence of which is absolutely absurd. The general lack of tolerance and respect in social classes is, in fact, an old story, which is fueled by the technology today. It’s impossible to keep up with the new technological trends for someone who is not in the upper class. The fact that someone does not own the new iPhone deeply surprises the overwhelming majority of people, especially in Second world countries. But actually, I find it much more surprising that society has set frames in which a person with an old phone or without one at all is instantly seen as a social outcast.

“Majority has forgotten a true purpose of invention”

Social networks were thought to be a blessing for human communication, but it turned out to be its bane. Social networks have been exaggerated to unbelievable levels and became society’s greatest obsession and addiction. People browse them seeking entertainment and comfortable communication while seeing the notion of face-to-face interaction as a deeply awkward experience. Girls’ post their semi-naked photograph’s to satisfy their self-affirmation, while boys define them as soulless objects designed to fulfill the need of sexual intercourse and lustful fantasies. And such issues go far beyond intersex relationships. This results in a slow death of such notions as respect and moral values and confirms the obvious fact that chivalry is about to take its last breaths, lying on its deathbed.

“Social engineering has made us more vulnerable than we ever were”

People brag about the benediction of information accessibility but tend to skip the fact of exposed personal data, which leads an increase in crime and destruction of privacy. When our phones are discharged, we decide to have a rest and turn on the TV, where we face the continuous rainfall of new product advertising, preceded by news talking about AIDS, war, and suffering. This scheme is formed on the ideology of “keep everyone afraid, and they will consume”.

“Deus ex machine…but literally, nor metaphorically”

Technology is the new religion of the 21st century, which possesses the same reasons as religion did long ago. Ancient people could not explain the phenomenon of a shooting star. They had to endure a deep psychological trauma when realizing the death of the fellow beloved tribesman. This resulted in the God delusion which made a tremendous impact on mankind and was used to control people consciousness and confine their freedom. The amount of people obsessed with likes, views and positive comments on various social networks is absurd. Centuries ago the majority of people worshiped celestial beings but now they would like to be worshiped themselves.

Concerning technology, today the reasons remain the same, they are to usurp and enslave the mind, create a product demand alongside with the illusion of individual’s freedom, to ensure the maximum efficiency of the products consumption and rapid growth of the mastermind’s capital. 
It is clear that George Orwell fears didn’t come true and the world is running according to Huxley model with its overwhelming amount of information consumption. It doesn’t oppress human’s rights as much as infamous Oceania does but who knows what is worse in a long run.