The Internet Economy
Chris Dixon

Great post, Chris.

Your assertion about Amazon is spot on, and to add, Amazon is becoming the front runner in this game. The company is already vastly improving its search & discovery capabilities, and once UX improves overall, the synthesis of advanced fulfillment in combination with editorial/journalistic capabilities will enable it to prompt radical disruptions such as the removal of ads from customer experiences. Not to suggest that ads will go away altogether, but more to say that the economic challenges of inventory and programmatics — specifically the commodification of inventory and associated labors such as journalism or marketing creative rotations — will be solved through things like highly contextual content & data bundles.

(Re)bundling and the emergence of journalistic and storytelling skill-sets will only add tremendous value to purchases, and as well, will greatly reduce the need for companies to push products onto people through the funnels we currently see.

It’s rather bold to say or contemplate, but Amazon is about to give Google a serious run for its money.