I am an Uber survivor.
Amy Vertino

I don’t know Travis personally, and I wouldn’t dare make a private judgment about him without having had direct interaction (G-d knows media publications have little credibility), but the sociopathic tendencies that have been described within the company tend to come straight from the top and trickle down.

What’s more irksome is that I haven’t heard about any investors pulling their money out of the company on account of numerous infractions to its own people, customers and the apparently blatant manipulation of, or disregard for, public/private policies.

The investment community can talk all it wants about ‘righting these wrongs’, but until people hit Uber where it hurts — in its coffers — then the company’s behaviors will likely never change. No wonder the board is keeping mum.

It’s nice to know that “Amy” will have some viable options despite this inaction.