We’re Building A Trustworthy Knowledge Database System
Doc Huston


Not sure if you read this bit from our pieces, but we’re building a journalistic platform for open inquiry (called INSURGE) — v.1 prototype will be released in several weeks. Open inquiry would mean, in the Euclidean sense, that articles, essays and other content formats employ multiple ‘stakeholder’ perspectives, and they create regenerative loops between the main content pieces + comment threads. The idea being that we can remove or at least significantly reduce ad, media and ideological biases. I suppose our approach is more ‘bottom-up’ than ‘top-down’, given that tagging, sorting and filtering use emergent techniques (cross-correlative NLP, different ontological variants, and in some instances, corpus-free computation).

We are also building a reputation system within this platform based on participatory attributes that will include a next generation blockchain integration, called Holochain:

Here are the underlying technologies of the platform which we are a part of as advisors and product developers:

We will cover the most pressing issues of the day — the environment, overall ecology, geopolitics, energy, agriculture, education, etc. — using a blend of journalists, analysts, and ‘on the ground’ stakeholders to contribute to stories and thematic threads.

Regarding your database, where are you in your development? Is there something to look at? An open API?

Also, how do you define an ‘expert’?