Of course this will take me several sleep cycles to absorb and comprehend a sliver of the…
Jennifer Sertl #a3r

Thanks for this thoughtful response and adding to the conversation, Jenn.

We share a similar urgency on one hand — to mobilize people into action through deeper context and awareness around complex adaptive systems, and on the other hand, to enable them to step back, reflect and envision their own futures. One thing is for certain: arguing over ‘the future’ is futile. We must continue to build, experiment, and test assumptions against reality. My intention with this piece in particular is to get that invitation across to a few more people.

With respect to Exile and our small extended, intentional networks, our certainty around what is possible is often construed as a form of arrogance, when in reality, we operate from the supposition that we actually know nothing, while being able to see quite a lot. We move in the world, and coordinate intentional action, with emptiness and power, which is to say that we operate with openness and adaptability, rather than righteousness and entitlement. This is a huge distinction, and one not to be ignored.

We are excited to launch our new journalistic platform (INSURGE), among other platform offerings, because it reflects the approach described, and will help move more people out of fixed or predetermined realities into more expansive ways of creating new economic conditions.


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