You have to get rid of the old war horses and their out in the open corruption. That is easier said than done.
So much that is just off that I have to question what is deliberately so.
Austin Glass

There is no ‘getting rid of’ any of the old. Have the old war horses vacated geopolitical discourse in several thousand years? They haven’t. More importantly, in a more general sense, what is old that can’t remain simply fades away (of its own accord). So… if we build the alternatives, and focus deliberately on ‘the new’, then we create the futures we want for ourselves and our communities. The two articles at the end of this post provide plenty of examples of what we’re building, along with the socioeconomic rationale behing it. As well, to your point about sides (“left”, “right”), the democracy piece contextualizes the realities of the system and what can be done to move beyond these designations.