This is great, Gunther, though I feel like I’m glimpsing the edges of a very large animal moving…
chris arkenberg

You’re quite welcome ;)

I want people to read this and wrestle with it, to learn, to question, to imagine, not just ‘react’ to it or ‘(dis)agree with’ it. I realize it’s imperfect, especially in its weightiness, but that’s also the point. To your point, this really is a moving beast.

As to what Amazonian Economics are (beyond the definition provided), this is also, to your point, up for grabs. What we can see are patterns that reveal distinct characteristics that are at once repeats of the past, and signals toward a future. If people can see certain realities about our economic conditions that they hadn’t before, right now, then I’ve done my job.

Also, with or without intended audiences (I tend to appeal very niche groups), I also write for myself, to get ideas out, to evolve concepts, and to connect eventual patterns. I’m not a great writer, but the medium provides me, and others, with this opportunity.