The time for decentralized recruitment processes is now!

At this point, it’s no secret that sites like Linkedin or Glassdoor are the leading authorities in the recruitment industry. However, these products have shortcomings that cannot be circumvented with the conventional technology stacks. Experienced hackers and ill-intent individuals can bypass virtually any security measures to get what they want. Recent data leaks back this statement as it becomes increasingly hard to store your online personal data in a reliable way.

More so, companies that are looking to recruit new personnel have to embark on a crusade to search and verify the validity of the candidate’s claims in their resumes. This usually entails sunk costs that could easily be used in other areas to grow the company in sectors that it needs financial aid the most.

Individuals also know the struggle of having to tailor a resume for a specific job application that in the end, they might not even get it and thus the never-ending cycle continues until they find a suitable job through their own wit. These complicated processes can be significantly simplified thanks to a revolutionary technology stack called Blockchain!

The Gooreo Platform: The decentralized recruitment platform where everyone wins!

Thanks to its decentralized nature, users who decide to use the Gooreo platform can rest assured that no hacker can get their personal data as it is stored on a distributed ledger that is virtually unhackable.

Employers can leverage the power of the platform to find their next hire knowing that the credentials and store information is valid being backed by the blockchain authority. With the help of the OREO Coin, companies can even create a passive revenue stream by vouching for their employees and former employees traits and credentials.

Individuals and Graduates looking to find a job in their fields will find in Gooreo a one-stop-shop for all their career needs. By registering a profile on the platform and validating all of their data they can directly apply with it to jobs posted by employers directly on Gooreo. All agents will also help to match candidates with the most suitable jobs according to their preferences.

A future implementation will also allow receiving employment payment in the form of Oreo Coins thanks to the Smart Contracts technology. As the platform gets used by more and more people, The value of the Oreo Coins will rise due to the organic increase in demand for it. For more details about the project be sure to check out If you are a developer seeking for bounty opportunities Gooreo officially launches the Bounty Program, information on the program can be found here: