DCN Constitution draft document

1. Mission and Objectives

DCN’s mission is to create lasting impact through empowering a new generation of voices and ideas in the digital communication space.

To achieve our mission we serve as an open space for communication, creativity and connectivity with the purpose of promoting truth and good values by being a catalyst for credible information and democratic changes in society.

We offer training, community, research and development

We function like an entrepreneurial startup where professionals can collaborate and create solutions and ideas that are easily scalable at a regional and global level.

2. Membership benefits

Belong to a network of communicators who collaborate to promote truth, best practices and good values in the communication industry.

Develop skills through exchange programs, workshops, meetups, training and mentorship programs curated by local communities.

Exposure for projects, organization, service and new products launched by DCN members. Support in initiation of new projects, contribution to local, regional and global DCN programs. Engage with the broader DCN international community

Connect to the DCN experts network, public and private stakeholders and funding opportunities Access to the DCN’s knowledge database, research and development opportunities

3. Membership Criteria

Membership of the DCN community shall be inclusive and open to professionals in the entire world, consisting of journalists, content creators, activists, technologists, entrepreneurs, marketing experts, artists, educators, researchers and other digital media professionals who are interested in helping to scale best practices. Members shall abide by the official rules of the community, and voluntarily contribute to the various activities of Digital Communication Network.

New Membership is based on recommendations from existing members

Membership shall be available to anyone without regard to gender, nationality, disability, sexual preference, religion or belief ready to actively engage in DCN community activities, help achieve its mission and objectives.

New members are approved by DCN board members.

New local community leaders are approved by the Advisory Board members.

DCN is volunteer based and community focused.

The DCN Local Communities has inclusive selection process based on community recognition and personal recommendations (voteme.app developed in partnership with DCN) ​​to help Local Communities to identify and select the best members and provide them with opportunities to nurture their individual professional goals, their commitment for a better society, as well as their potential to contribute to shaping the future of the digital communication industry.

A local community is formed if there are at least 12 active members.

Each local community shall elect/appoint a representative to be in charge of organizing local community as well as attending the annual meeting of Extended Board strategic meeting formed by DCN Board, Advisory board and local community leaders.

Extended Board members will review the annual report and work on planning short and long term action plan of activities implemented by Digital Communication Network

4. Membership Responsibilities

Active members should be actively engaged in the local DCN Local Community. That means:

  • participating in no less than two local meetings per year

DCN Community Leader will be responsible to keep track of local database of members, crowdsource ideas coming from members, coordinate organization of meetups, promote mission and DCN projects on local level, be connected to DCN Board and represent local community as part of Extended Board for the period of delegation.

5. Governance of Local Communities

Local leadership is selected for 12/24 months between active community members, participants of DCN exchange and other programs, as well as young professionals working in digital communication interested in DCN activities.

Local Communities can decide on establishing membership fees for specific activities with added value.

Local communities coordinates their activities with DCN Management, and report financial situation, to DCN Board.

6. Governance of Digital Communication Network

6.1 Management Units
DCN is managed by Units, Officers and The role of units: Training, Product, Content, Research

  • Action Plan for 3 months (Annual goals and activities program)

6.2 Executive Manager: (announcement on medium)

  • Facilitation of communication and collaboration between units and local communities

In addition DCN Board can hire additional administrative personnel

6.3 The Board

Board membership is voluntary. Members can resign at anytime.

During DCN Board elections maximum of half of board members are elected per election cycle.

DCN Board shall have at least 1 board Congress/General Assembly during a year.

6.4 The Advisory Board

Formed from reputable personalities in the digital communication space as well as former board members who are dedicated to contributing to DCN development.

Advisory board approves the DCN Board members, Strategic Documents and Annual reports.

Advisory board could decide on circumstances that are making the board member position incompatible.

Any decision needs at least half of votes of advisory board members.

6.5 Annual extended board

An annual planning event is attended virtual or in-person by board members, advisory board members and local community leaders that design the organizational objectives and draft action plan for next year of activity.

6.6 The Chairperson

Chair all meetings of the Board and extended meetings with Advisory Board where decisions are made about:

  • Activities plan

DCN shall be governed by DCN Board composed Local Community Leaders. Board select Chairman of the board and Management (elected/hired) responsible for specific roles.

The DCN Board is made up of professionals led, elected by local community from active and motivated local community leaders, with excellent reputations and successful track record of projects.

DCN Board elections are organized once every 12/24 months, and members are restricted to no more than two consecutive mandates.

The DCN Board member position is not compatible with a political position, defined as being an elected public official on a local, national, or international level.

The Chair and DCN Board represent the organizations at international meetings, maintain constant contact with Executive team and LC leadership to assure effective communication and agile management of all projects and partnerships.



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