On Berkeley
Zoé S.

Thanks, that was quite an interesting story.
 I have a few questions to ask, though.
 What would be the best way to describe your feelings towards those Anti-Marxist protestors? Would that description include the word “hate” by any chance?
 Similarly, would out be fair to conclude that you are supporting Antifa’s and Black Block actions towards those protestors?
 Even if your answers were “no” and “no”, would you think that based on your article an average reader could conclude that you are hating them with passion and approving violent methods for dealing with them? Because in this case your speech could be categorized as “criminal hate speech that calls for violence against certain identifiable group”?
 Just for the record — I am strongly supporting your right to express those points of view, even though I am even stronger disagreeing with the methods you are advocating.
 You are making a point defending Black Block and the like — the same people who were thrashing our cities during G20 summits, when hardly any white supremacists were in sight. Would you also classify that as communal self defense?

Another question — which crime did Nazis commit that had not been done by ultra-left Marxists in Russia, Eastern Europe, China, Cambodia, Central and South America (including Venezuela these days)? The only differences are that Nazis were killing people based on race and Marxists were killing people based on class, while both were killing and prosecuting those who dared to oppose or simply were not showing enthusiastic support. The only asymmetry is that our people defeated Nazism in the war and put their leaders on trial, but nothing of that scale happened to Marxist criminals.
 You are repeating an interesting point that the First Amendment protects only against the government actions and should not apply to civil actions. I am quite interested to know what do you find being appropriate civil actions when dealing with those who are expressing views that you are finding strongly repulsive? You are already supporting obstructing them, sabotaging their events, attacking the participants, throwing feces and using clubs, right? What would be next? Would you tag their houses? Demand that their employers terminate them? Meet some of them in an alley? Find their children after school and strongly suggest that they should condemn their parents? Force those horrible people to repent, in public, many times? Send them down to re-educational camps in Alaska so they won’t poison the society? Other steps from the arsenal of Mao’s Red Guards, Hitler’s Brown Shirts, Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, Putin’s and Maduro’s thugs?

I hope that your acceptance of the measures mentioned above stopped right before the first step, but once you accept violence (even if you call it “communal self defence”), the only path is down the items in that list, directly to Auschwitz and Gulag.

Hate always breeds hate and violence fans up violence. Of course, it is your call if you want to be a part of it, just keep in mind that if those Black Block guys win, after those white supremacists they will come after conservatives, then after centrists, then after liberals and then after you.

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