2018 ARK Bracket Challenge

Greetings Ark Community! As everyone may be aware (at least US Arkies) Selection Sunday is upon us and the annual NCAA College Basketball tournament is about to commence where 64 teams across the United States battle it out over the course of several rounds to determine who’s the best. We fondly refer this to March Madness! The best part of this is always a friendly competition with friends and colleagues to see who can get the most match outcome right and claim victory for the best bracket of the year. Several delegates (and even members of Ark Crew) have gotten together and we have decided to sponsor what is dubbed the 2018 ARK Bracket Challenge and make it available to anyone that has an ARK wallet and would like to participate. See below for more details

PRIZES: The current prize pool consists of 1200 ARK + 3 ARK Nano Ledger S. Entry fee of 3 ARK will also be added to the total prize pool (Note: US winners of Ledger will have them mailed, Non-US winners will receive a voucher to order one). The prize will be allocated as following to the top 3 brackets by point total:

  • 1st place (70% + Ledger Nano S)
  • 2nd place (20% + Ledger Nano S)
  • 3rd place (10% + Ledger Nano S)

The winning entries will have their prizes distributed shortly after the tournament concludes.

For transparency, the prizes will be held in escrow by the amazing @Lars from the Ark Crew at the following address: AeoFbL5zsd71jr9GDATvGKLLzVGcHQGqE7

The prize pool has been graciously sponsored by the following delegates and ark crew members: Goose, Del, Jamiec79, Pieface, Ghostfaceuk, Arkmoon, Jarunik, Provolve, Bioly, and Khanh Vuong.

RULES: 1 Entry per ESPN User ID. Bracket must be completed on ESPN’s website by the participant and also submit the bracket by joining the ArkBracket Group. Brackets unlock late Sunday (March 11, 2018) and are available for completing through Thursday (March 15, 2018). All selections MUST BE FINALIZED prior to the tip off of the first game on Thursday.


  1. If you don’t have an account at ESPN.com, create one.
  2. Contact Goose on slack (@goose), reddit (ark_goose), ark forums (goose) and provide your ESPN Name and contribution address. Goose will provide a randomly generated phrase and the ArkBracket group password to join. Note: If Goose is unavailable you can also contact delegate’s Del or Jamiec79
  3. Send 3 ARK to the escrowed address noted above with the smartbridge set to the randomly generated phrase provided. All confirmed entrants will be added to the following google sheets for tracking: Entrants.
  4. Join the private ArkBracket Group on ESPN using the group password as follows:
Click on Create or Join a Group
Scroll down to the Search Groups and search for and select ArkBracket
Click on Join Group
Select the bracket you want to submit, add the group password, and click Join Group
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