Accessing a Jupyter Notebook (iPython, iTorch) in browser from within a VirtualBox VM such as a Docker boot2docker (Mac)

When running a jupyter notebook on a virtual machine using VirtualBox (with either iTorch or iPython kernel) make sure you start it with the proper options.

jupyter notebook --ip=

If you use no GUI (command line access), you may alternatively enter:

jupyter notebook --ip= --no-browser

The notebook should be available at the IP address of the virtual machine. In the case of boot2docker it might be (run `docker-machine ip` to find out).

If you like to reach the notebook on localhost (, make sure the virtual machine (VM) running on VirtualBox has port 8888 open. If that is not the case, when the VM is suspended/stopped, go to Network/Adapter 1 (NAT)/Port Forwarding and add a new rule with Host IP=, Host Port = 8888 (or the one you prefer) and Guest Port=8888.

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