This week in Erlang — Jul 9

Having recently looked at how the Rust community is shaping up and how they are trying to make Rust more popular, it gave me an idea. I started using Erlang only a few years ago, and I was in love the second I started learning all the little cool things about the VM. I would love to attract more talent towards this great language, so I thought I’ll keep a blog of cool things I see around each week (modeled after “This Week in Rust” series):

New articles and blog posts

Library Updates

  • Appliscale’s xprof library has seen some action and a few fixes/features have been merged.
  • Sidejob moved to be under ErlangPack Github “Organization”.
  • Zotonic is preparing a huge change to make everything an OTP application. Read more here.
  • Loïc Hoguin has updated cowlib and 2.0.0-rc1 has been released.

OTP Updates

An interesting PR recently got merged:

Library of the week

GraphQL by Shopgun and JLouis:

This library is a good example how an Erlang library could be organized. From Travis CI integration to syntax consistency. This library has it all.

Please let me know if you would like to include anything in these series or if you have any suggestions. You can find me under @gootik in the Erlanger Slack or Twitter.

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