Startup Weekend Education Madrid October 2014: The Projects

I’ve just arrived home from the Startup Weekend (SW) Education Madrid, the first SW I attend and I totally loved it! In this edition I’m participating as a mentor for the teams in topics related to my two passions: education and technology. I wish I could be a regular participant but I have a very important personal appointment tomorrow. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to make it. If not, at least be involved directly in the organization.

The beginning of the event was full of energy. First, the facilitator (@jaimearanda) did really well setting the pace of the session and warming up the participants. He’s demonstrating that he has extensive experience in this kind of events. There have been also a couple of inspiring talks that motivated the participants before the pitches. But the best part was the pitches and the formation formation of the teams, both nicely orchestrated by Jaime.

I’ll give you a pinch of some of the ideas presented, the selected ones marked with a *:

  • Platform for the teachers to create a community and share good practices
  • An aggregator of training resources, formal and informal (*)
  • Tool for competitions among schools and unis (*)
  • Videogames for language learning
  • Certification for education projects coming from social investment (*)
  • App to connect students with good habits and those willing to achieve them
  • Online platform to share physical books
  • App to improve education about politics (*)
  • Platform to widen the professional choices for youngsters
  • App to train yourself in multiple choice tests
  • Apps to learn using games, for schools, families and associations
  • App to alleviate the charge of marking exams
  • Students associations interacting with companies
  • Change assessment practices to include soft skills (*)
  • Platform for international schools to exchange video tutorials for language learning

You can follow the rest of the event from twitter #SWeduMAD. I’m really excited about it.