All that is wrong with travelling in Mexico

… and how one startup from Guadalajara offers an alternative approach

We are the founders of GoOut Experiences and we want to change the way people vacation in Mexico.

Cancun is Disneyland for adults

If you have ever entered Mexico by plane, it might have very well been in Cancun. The airport with the largest number of international arrivals to Mexico is conveniently located at the corner points of the bermuda triangle of Mexican tourism — the zone between Cancun (huge resort down with Las Vegas charm), Playa del Carmen (huge resort down with small-town charm), and Chichen’ Itza (world-wonder pyramids drowning in bus loads of day tourists).

Leaving the airport in Cancun, it is hard not to notice that Yucatan peninsula is largely dependent on the tourist economy. If you are a traveller, you are hard currency. As you are stepping into the humid, tropical air of Cancun, heaps of representatives of all kinds of companies will approach you to sell their services.

You can shove that slight feeling of discomfort aside, go ahead and spend a ridiculous amount of money on an air conditioned SUV service to a brand new, all inclusive resort on the beach, somewhere on the highway between Cancun and Playa. This is how the large majority of travellers to Mexico spend their vacation.

We do get it. Infinity pools and bottomless Corona under the Caribbean sun are nice. But Mexico has so much more to offer!

Hidden waterfall near Tequila, Jalisco

Popping the tourist bubble

When we first came to Mexico, we quickly grew tired of the ever same days on the beach, mingling with other tourists and partying. We felt a connection was missing and we were wasting our time.

At that time we spent a semester abroad in Guadalajara, Jalisco. So, we had a lot more time to discover Mexico than many tourists. But the same logic applied. When most of our fellow students would use the weekends to escape to Puerto Vallarta (Cancun-style beach resort on the Pacific), we decided we were up for a change.

So we just rented a car and left the city. We drove through the hills and on the back roads, asking locals for guidance and following backpackers’ recommendations. And this way, we discovered more beauty than we could ever have imagined. We met loads of great people and encountered hidden gems in the countryside and lesser known parts of cities!

Camping at Isla Isabel, Nayarit

Authentic travels for everyone

When we returned to Guadalajara and shared our travel memories, many internationals approached us asking for tips or to team up for similar tours. We knew, we were not the first ones to discover all of these places, yet we noticed that the most authentic experiences and activities remained out of reach for most travellers.

So we started putting together, tips, tours, and contacts in our area. As we went into the work and got to more and more granular level, we noticed the abundance of knowledge and willingness to show the beauty of Mexico that existed already locally. We started to form an idea around this. What, if we could give travellers the chance to connect with these local guides that could take them on authentic tours?

The idea for GoOut Experiences was born. We would offer unique experiences of Mexico promoting the beauty of the country while empowering local guides. Yet, a large burden remained for travellers. When we asked hundreds of international travellers about their travel experiences in Latin America, they voiced concerns. Travellers, although seasoned, were oftentimes unsure if prices were fair, if tours were safe and if they included all that was promised. Language and understanding were barriers.

Building a traveller-first company

In, we have created a platform that solves these pain points. We are offering authentic experiences, tours and activities with local, certified guides. All of this in complete safety and regarding high quality standards. We are travellers ourselves and we know what matters when being on the road, when carrying your stuff around in a backpack and sleeping in hostels. Developing GoOut Experiences, we are thinking traveller-first. We are constantly adding new unique tours and activities all over the country and are building the technology to make authentic travelling easier than ever before.

We would love to hear about your travel experiences in Mexico! Have you already grown tired of the commercialization of vacation? Have you encountered tours and places that few others know? Tell us in the comments section.

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